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Product Purchase:          

Your Compliance: Before using, accessing or utilizing this Platform, you have read carefully each and every one of these Terms and Conditions which among others contain guidelines, notifications, operational rules, policies and instructions relating to purchasing products through the Platform. And by continuing to use or utilize the facilities provided by the Platform, you have stated your agreement to any and all conditions in these Terms and Conditions. We will publish any substantial changes or amendments to these Terms and Conditions (if any) through the Platform and you are required to read carefully any changes or amendments so that if you continue to use, access or use the Platform, you are deemed to have known, understood and approve these changes or amendments. If you wish, we will inform you through your e-mail that is registered in our data of any substantial changes or amendments to the Terms and Conditions at the time the changes or amendments are published through the Platform. Any objection to a substantial change or amendment to the Terms and Conditions can be submitted to us no later than 7 (seven) days from the date the amendment or amendment is published through the Platform.

When making an order, you must create an account by registering on this website, and you must follow the instructions on how to order and how to replace the items you want to order before you submit to this website that we have listed on this website.
Your Order: You can order your order by filling in the Order form on the Platform and clicking on the "Order Confirmation" button. You must be responsible for ensuring the accuracy of your order.
Orders are irrevocable: All orders cannot be withdrawn after transmission through the Platform and "french woman" has the right (but has no obligation) to process the order without further confirmation and without further notice to you. However, in certain circumstances as stated in Article 8, you may request to cancel or amend the Order, "French Lady" will try to provide reasonable efforts. However, "French Lady" are not required to fulfill your cancellation request or your request to change an order that you have confirmed.
You must ensure the correctness of all data that you provide to us for the purchase of a product from us, and also you must ensure that the credit card or debit card, or account or other payment method that you choose is your own and there are funds that are enough therein to pay the fees that "French women" wear for the Ordered Product that you ordered. "French Lady" have the right to obtain authorization for your payment data before we give you the product of your purchase that you purchased.

Product Prices:
Registered List: The price that must be paid by the customer is the price shown when the customer confirms the payment of the order on the website. Product prices offered and listed on the website are subject to change at any time depending on the policy "French women". "French Lady" have the right to change the Product Price and the Price change will appear on the relevant Product offer page so that the Customer can know the Price of the updated Product before making a payment.
Prices for Products sold through the Platform include tax.

Voucher Terms of Use:
Vouchers are valid only on "French Lady" sites
To redeem a voucher, the voucher code must be entered on the payment page (payment)
Promotional codes can only be used for a one-time purchase (unless otherwise noted)
The "French Lady" have the right to cancel and / or modify orders, and / or refuse the use of the promotional code, if the voucher is used as follows:
- Use of good suspects or fraud detected;
- Abuse of vouchers, including the use (exchange) of vouchers using several accounts or several checks associated with the same customer or with the customers of a group. "French Lady" have the right to determine the same definition of client based on name, telephone number, e-mail, address or other information; and or
- Vouchers are used in bad faith (including the resale of vouchers or the use of vouchers on orders for the purposes and for the purpose of resale)
You can only place an order using a different voucher code twice a day maximum, the order with the next voucher will be automatically canceled.
If you place an order using the same voucher code more than once a day, the order will be automatically canceled.
Unless otherwise indicated, coupons and other discount promotions cannot be used in conjunction with tactical promotions or other discounts, with the exception of pre-discount items from "French" Lady.
Additional provisions may be specified specifically for certain voucher codes (for example, duration, amount of discount and product invoiced), which will apply to the use and use of the voucher.
Vouchers cannot be replaced with cash or cash
"French Lady" have the right to modify these conditions or to cancel any promotion at any time without notice.

Terms of Use of Communication Channels:
"French Lady" allows users to access the content area of ​​the site to foster interaction with the user circle, giving registered users the opportunity to express their personal opinions and share useful information. When posting content, especially comments or personal opinions, it is important that users of the circle use common sense, respect each other and respect local social norms and expectations. Content that contains, suggests or encourages hate speech, law violations, violence, crime or racial intolerance (or organizations dedicated to these ideas) will be removed from the Circle and strictly prohibited. In addition, publication activities concerning or encouraging infringements of intellectual property rights are strictly prohibited.
"French Lady" provides a series of communication channels (channels which include but are not limited to product studies, published buyer-buyer discussions, user-created product descriptions, comments, etc. Through this channel, users have access to real information, personal opinions and advice on various subjects and allow you to post views and content on our site.
The content of the circle published or edited by our users is solely the opinion and responsibility of those who post the content. Any content and behavior, when posting or receiving such content, must comply with the conditions of use of "French Lady" and this policy. In case of difference between this policy and the General Conditions of Use "French Lady", the General Conditions of Use "French Lady" will apply.
References made in the content of the circle to a person or to products, services or brands of third parties do not mean that the "French Lady" approves the references or allegations of affiliation with this party.
Although "French Lady" will endeavor to moderate or supervise all comments and content posted to maintain the spirit of exchange of views of trust, we are not responsible and will not be responsible in any form whatsoever comments that you or third parties post.